Google Workspace Frontline - Additional Storage Options

Hey Google Admins, welcome back. This is Goldy again, and in this video of our Google Frontline Worker SKU series. let's talk about this scenario where your user whom you assigned frontline worker license has consumed more than 2 GB of storage, and now this user is stuck because he can't send or receive emails, can't upload files to Google Drive.

What should you do in that case?

Personally, I feel that in case if the user is consuming more than 2 GB, then this user is more towards the content creator role than the content consumer role.

I think it might be a good idea to consider this user for regular Google Workspace license than the frontline one, but still, just in case, because of some reasons, if you still believe this user is a frontline worker and all he needs is just a bit of more storage, then I'll show you two options to add more storage to his frontline license.

Option 1 -: Add storage to Google Frontline worker license as a user:
As shown in the screenshot below, scroll down to the bottom of your Gmail and click on the button near to storage stats.

2. Will show you two Options Right here You See the mailbox it will take you to the Drive Storage

or if you are in Google Drive, simply click on "Buy Storage" button as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Here Under Google Drive you Can Click On Buy Storage Here

It should bring you to this storage dashboard where you will see how you you are consuming the storage along with option to choose the additional storage plan as needed.

4. As an End User When You Click On yyou Will Come Here Where You Can See the Details of Plans Which is applicable to you

Click on the plan that you need, and Google will ask you to enter the payment details (e.g credit / debit card etc).

5. When You Purchase this Storage asking for your card Details Usually Reflected Within Few Minutes5. When You Purchase this Storage asking for your card Details UsuallybitReflected Within Few Minutes

However, as a Google Workspace admin, you might not prefer letting users buy individual storage, so let me now show you how you can centrally assign additional storage to Google Workspace frontline worker license

Option 2 -: Add storage to Google Frontline worker license as Google Workspace Admin:
Login to your Google Workspace admin console and search for the user to whom you want to assign additional storage

7. Let Me Show You the Other Way it Might be Better than Individual Storage to first Purchase A License

Scroll down to this user's profile page, you should see license section as shown in the screenshot below.

8. Once You Have the License You Will Scroll Down

Here you can assign this user "Google Drive Storage" license which comes in multiple storage tiers as you see below, assign the one based on your requirement.

Note : You should have procured Google Drive storage sku in advance otherwise you will not see this license to assign.

10. As You See Here Google Drive Storage License Comes in Multiple Tiers So Click On Whichever License You Want for Lets go to 50 Gb

Once you are done with additional storage license assignment, click on save, to save your changes.

11. In This Case Do The Assignment Click On Save and User Within a Few Minutes Get That Reflected

Now, within a few minutes, additional storage will be added and user will see it in his Gmail or Google Drive.

12. Or Come Back Here in an Email

I hope this was helpful in case if you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to comment below.

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