Ok Goldy

  • Ok Goldy is a free Google sheet add on which can help you perform bulk operations in Google Workspace

  • Bulk Create, Update, Suspend, Delete, Export Google Workspace Users, Groups, Members, Aliases and much more….

  • I am glad over 8 Million Google Workspace Admins are saving their time with it today.
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Troubleshooting & FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

If you are getting this error, please consider following-:

givenName (first name) is a required attribute to create users in Google Workspace, it seems somehow its missing for any of your users. Please do following-:

1. Go to your admin console and export all your users in a google sheet as shown below.
2. Now filter down to see the user where first name is missing
3. Add first name to the user
4. Try OK Goldy again


Great Question.

Google has a very strict add-on review process (you can read more about it here “Google’s Google Workspace Add on Review Process.) which is obvious looking at the massive number of Google Workspace businesses and users which rely on the add-ons available in Google Workspace marketplace today.

“Ok Goldy” has passed all the checks by Google’s review process and is now trusted by over 15,000 Google Workspace Administrators to perform bulk Google Workspace operations.


I think it’ll be good to tell you a bit more about what do I get access to when you start using this add on.

1. Google does NOT share information like your domain name, email address or any PII with me, though I know how many users installed the add-on, but I don’t get to know “Which” users.

2. This add-on is built with Google Apps Script which leverages OAuth, where when you run the tool, Google asks if you want to permit this add on to access required scopes (Primarily Directory API and Sheets API)  and to perform bulk operations.

3. As it leverages OAuth, you can anytime, go to your Google Workspace Admin Console and revoke the token, which will result in no access to “Ok Goldy” even if the add-on is installed.

(Side note -: If you want to audit shadow IT, you can use the script I created to audit OAuth tokens in your domain here 

4. Please also read out my privacy policy at https://www.goldyarora.com/privacy/

Final Words-:
This add on is simply a result of my own needs, while working with large enterprise customers, its hard to do things manually in Admin console which made me write script for almost everything that happens in a large Google Workspace deployment.

As I already have these scripts, I thought to publish some of them as a Google Workspace Add on, so mates like you can save some of your time.

I always try to help Google Workspace community, but be aware that everything I offer here is available for free, which means I can’t invest money in hiring a lawyer to write one of the best privacy policies, security documentation, no content writers to write engaging content etc……

All I have here is to share something which works for me for you to test it out, and if I fall short here, you should stop using the add on and send me a feedback email at help at goldyarora.com.

One of the best moments for a to a developer is when a user comes to him saying “I like something you built, and I wanted to ask if you can add this feature to make it even more useful for me”.

So I appreciate it, you just gave me that moment:).

Please put your feature request below in comments, the more detailed the better, though I can not commit a timeline being a full time employed, a husband and a father of two, but rest assured I would try to add it as soon as I can (especially if the use case is broad and can help wider audience).

I just changed my full time job, and trying to establish myself, however soon I will start investing sometime in enhancing ‘Ok Goldy’.

Feel free to put your comments below to give me feedback, but am thinking of following-:

1. Enhance features of current modules-:
(i) Reset Password in bulk
(ii) Undelete Users in bulk
(iii) Restore (Unsuspend) users in bulk
(iv) Change Group Settings in bulk 

2. Add New Module/s-:
(i) Add “Resource Calendar” module which will help you create, update, delete, export buildings and resources.

3. New Add On-:
(i) A whole new Add on dedicated to Google Classroom, which will help Google Workspace Education Admins to perform bulk operations on Google Classroom objects.

My daughter’s school here in West Windsor school district, Plainsboro, NJ also uses Google Workspace, and am trying to help out with this.

How about a name for this, “Ok Sarah” :)?

 Please don’t hesitate to put what you think about the new features plan, I would appreciate your feedback including changing or swapping the new features.

Thank you

Appreciate your consideration, but apologies, I do not freelance.

However, if you have a large (> 10,000 users) Google Workspace implementation project, please write to me at help @ goldyarora.com for a prospective discussion.

If you are a small business, and still need some dedicated help, I might be able to recommend you a company or person in my network and let both of you explore synergies to work together.

Come together to help Google Workspace community.

  • Provide your feedback & share your use cases
  • Collaborate to improve Ok Goldy’s current features & add new ones
  • Share Google Workspace Implementation & Administration best practices
  • Share Knowledge and make it a win win
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