Ok Goldy

  • Ok Goldy is a free Google sheet add on which can help you perform bulk operations in G Suite.
  • Bulk Create, Update, Suspend, Delete, Export G Suite Users, Groups, Members and much more.
  • Use it right from your Google Sheets without a line of code to manage tedious G Suite tasks.

Come together to help G Suite community.​

  • Provide your feedback & share your use cases
  • Collaborate to improve Ok Goldy’s current features & add new ones
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41 thoughts on “Ok Goldy – Easily perform G Suite bulk operations from Google Sheets”

  1. Hello Goldy, thanks for the nice app. Do you have a way that it sorts each email in bulk by the labels onto google sheet in an automated way? That I do not have to repeat this process daily, but it’s sorted daily for me? I use labels to the person sending the email in a very descriptive way that helps other people read those tags and know what action to take. So let’s say, If I get a new email from a company like Trulia.com that allow anyone to post rentals through their platform, and someone who someone who I’ve already spoken to months ago contacts me again, Trulia will have a reply interface that’s standard where the name, and phone number and email(?) are always in the same place within their email structure. I would have already tagged this person so other people using the same email account can see and reply based on my colored and highly descriptive tags. Currently, we have to manually open each email, and use the phone number mainly to bring up any old file we have on that person. Once we do a search, we’ll see our descriptive tags and we then retag all emails including the recent email to make sure they are up to date with the most recent tq=ags. Ok, now my question is, is there a way I can use this application to, or you can have it function so I can sort the email out by the tags as they come in? Or I can manually tag it when they come in but from that stage, you can have a function that allows me to upload that email from Gmail to google sheets so now I can use formulas to send replies to who I want based on those emails that were separated by tags? It would allow me to adjust my messages after I can get them into google sheet in a bulk manner. I hope what I wrote made sense and hope you can contact me at bayostheave@gmail.com. Thank you!!

    1. I got it, it should be doable to parse and put all emails in your Google Sheet along with the given label, you may also have another script running on top of it which asks the name of the label to whom you want to send email, and it does just that using your email template.

  2. Hi
    I’m trying to set up a WordPress website on Google Cloud Platform with a domain purchased from Go Daddy through Gsuite. Initially I could access the website admin but have since been unable to. It keeps coming up with the 404 error. Also I cannot access the domain via Go Daddy, although I can through Gsuite. I have tried to change the nameservers but with no success. I’m working on the site for someone else but I’m struggling to get it off the ground and getting very frustrated and any suggestions would be great.

  3. Hello and thanks for the add-on. It is wonderful
    Comment that I get the following error when I try to export users: TypeError: Cannot read property “givenName” from undefined.

  4. Hi,
    Is there a way for me as google admin in my company to access certain employee google drive and see their stored documents and files. I get this request frequently from top executives. appreciate your support.

  5. Hi, GoldY! First excelent work! You said in an answer that need a update to ask for change the password… It is done yet? Sorry my english O:)

        1. Vangelis Tougias

          How to turn this feature off? So that the default would be that users WILL NOT be asked to change their password at their first login.
          (Great tool by the way)

  6. it is great , Just a little issue , it doesn’t deal with large data , I was trying to add 10 000 member to a group and after adding 2000 it stopped and showed an error message says “exceeded maximum execution time” , I hope if there is any solution of this problem it will be perfect for me , thank you

    1. Thank you for giving it a try, am glad its useful to you.

      This add on uses Google Apps Script where Google enforces an execution limit of 6 minutes (30 mins if you are on G Suite business or enterprise edition).

      I recently attended Google Next in SFO,CA where they shared plans to launch “Job Service” which will help to break the tasks and run them simultaneously, hopefully it’ll help to avoid this limitation.

      For now, a dirty workaround would be to run the add on a few times.

      Hope it helps.


  7. Hi Gordy, is there a way to reach you via email because the one I saw gave me an error in delivery. Pls I need a reply asap.

  8. Thanks so much! Fantastic add-on!!
    One question: when you bulk create some users, could you obligate to change the password in the next session?
    Thanks again!

    1. Your welcome, glad you liked it.

      Thank for proposing idea to enforce password change at next login, I just added that feature, now all new created users via Ok Goldy will need to change their password at first login.

      However, Google may take couple of days to review and publish the latest version.

  9. Hi Goldy,
    Your videos and tips are awesome! I do have a technical question. I am testing custom url for my employer and have updated the following: http://email.domain.ca. I have also set the CNAME record with the registrar for our domain. The problem we are having is that this custom URL is really an alias and redirects to https://mail.google.com/a/domain/mail…. We need it to stay as email.domain.ca. The reason is that we have many members that cannot access Gmail from their employers as their employer blocks Gmail. Our members’ employers however have whitelisted our domain http://email.domain.ca. How can we get our members to access http://email.domain.ca from their employers while their employer can still block these users from accessing their personal @gmail.com email accounts? Hoping you can help.

  10. Does this add-on still work? I’ve installed the add-on, and I see it via the Add-ons menu, but the option option available within Add-ons > OK Goldy is Help. No option for the setup wizard or anything else?

  11. Question, I have watched a lot of your videos. Here is what I am still not sure of. I have 4 domains i have and pay for G Suite. For now let’s just call them 1.com, 2, 3, 4.com

    In all 4 I have an email address, and under each i have several google docs and sheets, many of which i share with other people outside my domain.

    If I want to get them all under 1.com so i am only paying for one, but have sheets/docs in all of them… A how can i combine the sheets/docs into one and also if i am using 1.com as my main, and someone creates a new sheet and shares it with me at 2.com, how would that work?

    Thanks for your help

  12. Brooke Carey Ahrens

    This is the error I’m getting when I try to use the “Export Users” function on sheet 5.

    TypeError: Cannot read property “givenName” from undefined.DetailsDismiss

  13. Hi Goldy Arora Ji
    I would like to talk to you for G-Suite I want to purchased, but before we confirm that how to work G-suite and how create group we are Delhi based web development company i cant used this service for sent email for suite email to customer.

  14. Hi, I am grateful to you for creating this add-on to help streamline the process of creating and updating users; etc. My question to you is with regards to the Create User set-up sheet, when entering the Password for each user, I only know my PW as the Admin but my other assigned users who are active on my G suites email/domain have already updated/changed their login PW. How do I obtain this info from the system without my users feeling as if I’m being intrusive. Additionally, am I able to add new user accounts (alias; etc.) within the Add-on feature? (Please excuse this last question as ignorant. I’m just not certain how this feature would work). Thank you

    1. Thank you Karen, glad I could help.

      I am not sure if I understand first part of your question, so i’ll try based on guess-:

      1. You use “Create Users” sheet only when you need to create new users (users which don’t exist in your G Suite yet).
      2. If you want to update already created users, consider using update users, suspend users or delete users sheets as required.

      Alias Management -: Hopefully I will add feature to manage aliases (create, remove, delete) in coming few days.

  15. Brooke Carey Ahrens


    your add-on is AMAZING. I’m updating our gmail mailing lists, suspending users no longer on campus and cleaning up our domains.

    I’m getting an error code today though every time I try to run the Add-On. I’m thinking it’s Google but I wanted to see if you had any more info.

    Thank you again!

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