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If you are getting this error, please consider following-:

givenName (first name) is a required attribute to create users in Google Workspace, it seems somehow its missing for any of your users. Please do following-:

1. Go to your admin console and export all your users in a google sheet as shown below.
2. Now filter down to see the user where first name is missing
3. Add first name to the user
4. Try OK Goldy again


Great Question.

Google has a very strict add-on review process (you can read more about it here “Google’s Google Workspace Add on Review Process.) which is obvious looking at the massive number of Google Workspace businesses and users which rely on the add-ons available in Google Workspace marketplace today.

“Ok Goldy” has passed all the checks by Google’s review process and is now trusted by over 15,000 Google Workspace Administrators to perform bulk Google Workspace operations.


I think it’ll be good to tell you a bit more about what do I get access to when you start using this add on.

1. Google does NOT share information like your domain name, email address or any PII with me, though I know how many users installed the add-on, but I don’t get to know “Which” users.

2. This add-on is built with Google Apps Script which leverages OAuth, where when you run the tool, Google asks if you want to permit this add on to access required scopes (Primarily Directory API and Sheets API)  and to perform bulk operations.

3. As it leverages OAuth, you can anytime, go to your Google Workspace Admin Console and revoke the token, which will result in no access to “Ok Goldy” even if the add-on is installed.

(Side note -: If you want to audit shadow IT, you can use the script I created to audit OAuth tokens in your domain here 

4. Please also read out my privacy policy at https://www.goldyarora.com/privacy/

Final Words-:
This add on is simply a result of my own needs, while working with large enterprise customers, its hard to do things manually in Admin console which made me write script for almost everything that happens in a large Google Workspace deployment.

As I already have these scripts, I thought to publish some of them as a Google Workspace Add on, so mates like you can save some of your time.

I always try to help Google Workspace community, but be aware that everything I offer here is available for free, which means I can’t invest money in hiring a lawyer to write one of the best privacy policies, security documentation, no content writers to write engaging content etc……

All I have here is to share something which works for me for you to test it out, and if I fall short here, you should stop using the add on and send me a feedback email at help at goldyarora.com.

One of the best moments for a to a developer is when a user comes to him saying “I like something you built, and I wanted to ask if you can add this feature to make it even more useful for me”.

So I appreciate it, you just gave me that moment:).

Please put your feature request below in comments, the more detailed the better, though I can not commit a timeline being a full time employed, a husband and a father of two, but rest assured I would try to add it as soon as I can (especially if the use case is broad and can help wider audience).

I just changed my full time job, and trying to establish myself, however soon I will start investing sometime in enhancing ‘Ok Goldy’.

Feel free to put your comments below to give me feedback, but am thinking of following-:

1. Enhance features of current modules-:
(i) Reset Password in bulk
(ii) Undelete Users in bulk
(iii) Restore (Unsuspend) users in bulk
(iv) Change Group Settings in bulk 

2. Add New Module/s-:
(i) Add “Resource Calendar” module which will help you create, update, delete, export buildings and resources.

3. New Add On-:
(i) A whole new Add on dedicated to Google Classroom, which will help Google Workspace Education Admins to perform bulk operations on Google Classroom objects.

My daughter’s school here in West Windsor school district, Plainsboro, NJ also uses Google Workspace, and am trying to help out with this.

How about a name for this, “Ok Sarah” :)?

 Please don’t hesitate to put what you think about the new features plan, I would appreciate your feedback including changing or swapping the new features.

Thank you

Appreciate your consideration, but apologies, I do not freelance.

However, if you have a large (> 10,000 users) Google Workspace implementation project, please write to me at help @ goldyarora.com for a prospective discussion.

If you are a small business, and still need some dedicated help, I might be able to recommend you a company or person in my network and let both of you explore synergies to work together.

Come together to help Google Workspace community.

  • Provide your feedback & share your use cases
  • Collaborate to improve Ok Goldy’s current features & add new ones
  • Share Google Workspace Implementation & Administration best practices
  • Share Knowledge and make it a win win

148 thoughts on “Ok Goldy – Easily perform Google Workspace bulk operations from Google Sheets”

  1. Hi Goldy,
    Your add-on is amazing! Save me lots of tedious tasks.
    1. Is it possible to expand your script for Create Users and Update Users sheets to allow the admin to add additional column headers exactly like in CSV file, such as Recovery Email, Recovery Phone, Employee Title. The Recovery info is most helpful because the students won’t have to ask the admin to reset the password. Employee Title is where I put “student” or grade level/type of teacher. This would make your sheets more robust and the admin user can add any approved columns they deem fit for their organization.
    2. In Update Users sheet, I changed the Employee ID column header to Employee Title, but it seems the script is not reading the column header. If you look under Google Contacts app, directory listing, you’ll see the Name, Email, Phone, Job title & company, Labels. The Employee Title would appear under Job title. Employee ID is only visible if you click on the Name to see the directory profile. I don’t know what column header in CSV file would fall under Labels heading in the Contacts app. Perhaps you can tell me.
    3. I really like the ability to bulk suspend and delete users and group members. Could you tell me the keyword to bulk delete user in CSV format? I can’t seem to get it working.

  2. Hi,

    I wonder if it is possible for me to remove members of multiple groups in bulk. As for now, I need to exports lists of different group members multiple times before putting them in the removal list. If it is possible just to gather a list of groups which I want to remove members, it would be fantastic. Thank you very much.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for your scripts, very helpful indeed when managing our school Google Workspace accounts!
    Do you have any idea when the scripts for Google Classroom will be implemented?

  4. Hi Goldy,
    I am trying to delete aliases from my gsuite and getting following error.
    TypeError: Cannot call method “getDataRange” of null.

  5. Hi Goldy,

    a feature to set the “Recovery Email” would be great too.
    So the user can reset the passwort without me 🙂

    Thank you!

  6. I do a lot of pro bona Google work for non-profits and I’ve used you tools before and they are worked perfectly which is why I came back when I got handed a new “opportunity”. My question is this, did you ever get custom attributes feature added? The group I am working with did a lot of work to migrate another system into Google and created lots of custom fields in the user profiles and then figured out there was no way to get to the data unless you are an admin or pay for a custom solution.

  7. Hello there
    Thanks for the workspace tools you shared on your website. I have a request from you. I want to replace the OU of a chromebook device in one and in bulk using the google app script. Your opinions or suggestions on this topic are important to us.

  8. Hi Goldy,
    is it possible to export groups names and corresponding members in a single sheets without getting members from groups one by one? Thank you!

  9. Hi Goldy – absolutely spectacular stuff on your site. I’ve been using OK Goldy for a while, and now Classright. Super helpful – thank you! 2 questions for you:
    1. I love that you do this for the community, but it does seem a tad unfair to you. Any donation button or a payment option?
    2. Have you had any thoughts about adding shared drives to the collection?
    Thanks again for all you do for us!

    1. Your very welcome.
      1. If you feel helped via my blog and want to donate, you may consider donating to the charity of your choice (& for the cause you care about).
      2. Not yet.

  10. Hello Goldy,

    Your OK Goldy tool is great, I have a request can we also bulk export group aliases just like user aliases ?

    It would be great if you help me out

  11. Hi Goldy,

    Your script/sheet is awesome and very useful for us.
    We would like to get one more option, custom email posting and receiving rights assignment option for group members in google groups.

  12. Can you help me to get a feature that none of my organization can exit from the group in which admin allocate that person also can not unsubscribe from mail from that group

  13. I have intalled the OK Goldy Addon into the sheets. I have carefully gone throught each and every step. At first I created the group and then went on to “Add members” sheet. There I have entered in the format you suggested in your tutorial. But still I am hetting this error: “API call to directory.members.insert failed with error: Invalid value for: MEMBER is not a valid value”. Please help me GOLDY.

    1. Hi, sometimes things like white spaces, freezed rows etc also create this issue, try creating the sheets again (setup wizard – delete all sheets, then setup sheets) and try again.

  14. Hi Goldy,

    Thanks alot for your add-on, it’s really helpful and easy to use. Would it be possible to add new features, such as :
    In the users management, to list the groups in which the users are members of. Domain user and external user and also adding a new column in the users export sheet to indicate whether the account is actif or suspended.

    Many many thanks again.
    Warm regards

    1. Your very welcome Dee, unfortunately this is very hard to do today with the directory API, as it does not provide a straight away to figure out a given user/s membership/s. I will keep an eye on API enhancement and would try to add as soon as API start allowing it.

  15. Is it possible to add a new column in Users Manager > Export Users, the account’s status, whether the account is still actif or suspended.

    Would it be possible also to have another sheet for External Members Groups Research to make it easier listing the groups in which the external email belongs to.

    Many thanks in advance
    Best regards,

  16. Thank you, Goldy! Is possible to update users in bulk from Suspended to active status in the Update users sheet? If so, do I need to add a new header? Please advise.
    Thank you,

    1. Your welcome Mo, functionality of reactivating suspended Google Workspace users is not yet available in Ok Goldy, but I would consider adding it whenever I get time to work on it.

  17. Does this extra despite everything work? I’ve introduced the extra, and I see it by means of the Add-ons menu, yet the choice accessible inside Add-ons. OK Goldy is Help, No alternative for the arrangement wizard or something else?

    1. Hi There – There is some issue on the Google side, i would recommend you to install it from the Google Workspace marketplace for the domain and then try.

  18. Goldy, I experienced the same issue as Antonio where passwords for created users are not working. The Create User script reported adding all 155 users successfully, but, none of the passwords worked. I tried several more 1 user creates and I can not get any of them to work. If I manually reset the password, the accounts themselves are fine.

    You should know that I am quite happy overall with the gsuite admin add-on. Definitely a valuable time saver!

    Cheers, JT

  19. I have successfully created all of my users, but nobody can log in.
    They obtained the “wrong password” message, even though they inserted the chosen one.
    Can you give a tip?

    1. Please check against the password you provided in Google sheet, as this tool only read the information from your sheet, and write it to Google via Directory API.

  20. Castro Tavares

    Great aplication

    Is it possible to add UPDATE MEMBERS to prevent deleting first and then adding and doing everything in one step?

    thank you

  21. Hi Goldy
    Thank you so much for this Add-on . It is a great help . Is there a way to add more information to Create Users or update users sheets, by adding other columns like address, phone#, and Job title . I tried adding Job tile , by adding a column with that title to Update Users, but the value was added to User ID field .

    Thanks again

      1. Thank you for your great work.
        I join the request of Sam. Please add fields job title, employee type, desk location, cost center.

  22. Hello,
    I am so glad I found these tools, excuse my ignorance if I missed it, but is there a way to automatically have them upload once the hit the Spreadsheet, not a Zapier pick up but like that?

    Thanks Again!!!

  23. Great tool Goldy.
    Any way to automate actually adding the users?
    I’ve got your sheet hooked up to the orders api on my squarespace site.
    It updates your sheet nicely, but just need a way to auto-add the new users so I don’t have to go in and click.

    1. Hi Nick – Thank you, glad you find the tool useful.

      Though I don’t plan to add such feature in the tool itself as not many have this use case, however it is absolutely possible.

      I had someone asking sort of similar question but for groups, so I did this video sometime ago which will help you understand the way forward.


  24. Hi, thank you for these helpful scripts. When I delete users, I’d need to transfer the Google Drive files property to an archive account before I delete them. Is that feature available? Are you thinking about implementing it?
    Thank you!

    1. Your welcome, though Ok Goldy does not have that functionality and I don’t plan to add it to it, however i will see if i can put together a standalone script for that and publish in coming weeks.

  25. Adrienne Schneider

    I have two questions

    1. Will you be offering a capability of a bulk renaming of Groups?
    2. I really like the app scripts that you have provided for other tools. Is it possible that you could offer the scripts for your other tools within the OK Goldy add-on?

    Thank you,

  26. Hi, I created 3 “master” gmail accounts, demouser1, demouser2 and demouser3, and want to create 90 email aliases, 30 per “demo user”. This is for an internally used domain for.. demos 🙂

    for demouser2, all 30 aliases worked fine. for demouser1 and demouser2, I got the error:
    “API call to directory.users.aliases.insert failed with error: Not Authorized to access this resource/api”

    I am a super admin for the domain I administer in GSuite, and I created all 3 accounts at the same time, which was about 5 mins before I tried to create the aliases. Any ideas?
    Great video and tool! Thanks for this!

    1. can you create aliases from the admin console UI for those users using the same admin account you used with ok goldy? if yes, can you run the tool again this time only for demouser1 and 2 and send me the screencapture link?

      also check your admin console logs for the admin user you are using with the tool.

      If you need to provision them urgently and if nothing works, you can consider virtual routing table instead of creating aliases as I show in the video here https://youtu.be/X1bNgp30j9U

  27. Hi Goldy,
    Thank you for a very cool tool!
    Is it possible to extend User Export to include all fields in the Directory, including custom attributes?
    It would also be nice to have them in Update Users.
    We add some custom attributes to Users and would like to maintain them with your tool.

  28. Trying to use your add-on unfortunately it seem the “Create Aliases’ is giving me problems. I want to assign a universal alias to everyone’s email for bulk emailing. I get the error ‘API call to directory.users.aliases.insert failed with error: Entity already exists.’ Any help would be massively appreciated!

    1. Alias is also an email address, so it has to be unique, once you create an alias for a user, you can not create the alias for another user with the same email.

      Looking at your scenario, you should be better off leveraging Google Workspace groups.

      Simply create a Google Workspace group, and click on “Add all domain users” to make it dynamic, so when anyone sends an email to this group’s email address, all of your users will receive that email in their respective mailboxes.

  29. Hello

    Thank you for your great work.
    It helps me arrange the company’s g suite account users and groups a lot.
    By the way, Can you help me that the exporting groups with members count? with members list?
    or exporting users comes with what group they are under it?

    I appreciate your help in advance.

    1. Your welcome, glad it helps you perform mass Google Workspace operation.

      For your member export, see if following helps-:
      1. Export your Groups from the group management module.
      2. Now out the required groups in “Export Members” sheet, run the export members function to get members count and their emails as output.

      1. Thank you so much for your quick response. 🙂
        it is a BIG help.
        By the way, Is there any export group and members that arrange to match between the group and members all??
        I mean, when I grep all group and put on exporting members on the sheet, it comes with members but not match with groups.

        Thank you!

          1. It will be very useful to be able to export all groups members at once. Thank you for your work.

      2. Hi!

        I tried to “Export Members” sheet after “Export Groups” but there is no members listed and showing blank.
        Is there anything I need to export before “Export Groups” and “Export Members”?

        Appreciate your advise and help in advance

  30. Hi Goldy
    Thanks for your very good info video’s

    during my trial period G suite, my provider had problems with changing DNS and MX records and our mail did not work well
    I changed provider, deleted all on Gsuite and let it expire
    now I want to set Gsuite up with my domain (are2be.com) at a new provider, but when Google checks my domain it reports that: this domain is in use
    it also reports : Hi Hans all you have to do is fill in the payments
    can you tell me what to do

    1. Ideally, you should have deleted it, though you let the trial expire, but your domain is still in Google’s database, so now i would recommend you to simply go to admin.google.com and sign in with your Google Workspace admin credentials –> make the payment and start using it.

      There is another option (a bit lengthy) –> You can contact a Google Workspace reseller near by (Google partner directory https://cloud.withgoogle.com/partners), they will then contact Google to purge your domain from their database, and once thats done, they should be able to offer you 30 days trial.

      Hope it helps.

  31. Yoo goldy i watched it !!! Works
    thats an amazing Project what you did here !!!

    i have another question those days i am forwarding mails with gam do you have a solution for that with Ok goldy ?

  32. API call to directory.members.insert failed with error: Invalid value for: Member is not a valid value

    how do i fix it ???

    1. It seems you didn’t watch the video above before performing members addition.

      Please watch it and you should be good.

      Please make sure you are putting the member’s role in uppercase (e g MEMBER, or OWNER).

  33. Hi Goldy,
    Great Addon! I am using GSuite Education. I have couple of queries in using your tool.
    1. How can I include Secondary Email addresses of users during account creation?
    2. How can I automatically send login info to secondary email after account creation?
    3. How can I assign suspension date (if possible) to individual users during account creation?


  34. Thank you for this great add-on!
    I was going to create something similar via apps script, but I found your one 🙂
    Since I’d like it do to a more complex work in my organization, have you published somewhere the source code?
    If so, could you tell me how to find it?
    If not, thank you anyway for the great and precious work!

  35. What is the best way to “clean-up” g-mail filters – many filters have labels that have no relevance to the e-mail – will exporting the filters to Sheets, deleting the not needed labels, and then importing back into Sheets do – or am I missing some steps? thanx!

  36. Hello — I found Ok Goldy today! I’m trying to export all my groups and see all the members in each group. I have only been able to put in a single group. When I copy several groups, I get all the users, but not listed by group. I get a sum total of all members of all groups. I was hoping that Group 1 would show me the Group1 members, then Group 2 would show me the group 2 members etc. Is there a way to accomplish this?

    1. I’m looking for this, too. Thank you for this great tool. I found it while on a chat with Google Support who told me “there is no way to export a list of all groups from your account…”. Even if I can’t get this from your tool it’s been helpful for getting me past their response.

  37. Hi Goldy Ji,
    Nice video for me.
    I am Delhi base and working for Google Premier Partner as Google Workspace Services.I want to certified for G suite Administrator and Deployment Specialist but i have few query.So that i need your suggestion.

    Can your share your contact detail or whats app details or any online session.
    Waiting for your Valuable Response.


      1. Jaques Pretorius

        Hi Goldy, please assist me in filling in the correct codes in the columns for the Label BG color (which i just want white) and Text color (which i just want black).

        1. Sure, here you go
          The background color represented as hex string #RRGGBB (ex #000000). This field is required in order to set the color of a label. Only the following predefined set of color values are allowed:
          #000000, #434343, #666666, #999999, #cccccc, #efefef, #f3f3f3, #ffffff, #fb4c2f, #ffad47, #fad165, #16a766, #43d692, #4a86e8, #a479e2, #f691b3, #f6c5be, #ffe6c7, #fef1d1, #b9e4d0, #c6f3de, #c9daf8, #e4d7f5, #fcdee8, #efa093, #ffd6a2, #fce8b3, #89d3b2, #a0eac9, #a4c2f4, #d0bcf1, #fbc8d9, #e66550, #ffbc6b, #fcda83, #44b984, #68dfa9, #6d9eeb, #b694e8, #f7a7c0, #cc3a21, #eaa041, #f2c960, #149e60, #3dc789, #3c78d8, #8e63ce, #e07798, #ac2b16, #cf8933, #d5ae49, #0b804b, #2a9c68, #285bac, #653e9b, #b65775, #822111, #a46a21, #aa8831, #076239, #1a764d, #1c4587, #41236d, #83334c

          color.textColor string The text color of the label, represented as hex string. This field is required in order to set the color of a label. Only the following predefined set of color values are allowed:
          #000000, #434343, #666666, #999999, #cccccc, #efefef, #f3f3f3, #ffffff, #fb4c2f, #ffad47, #fad165, #16a766, #43d692, #4a86e8, #a479e2, #f691b3, #f6c5be, #ffe6c7, #fef1d1, #b9e4d0, #c6f3de, #c9daf8, #e4d7f5, #fcdee8, #efa093, #ffd6a2, #fce8b3, #89d3b2, #a0eac9, #a4c2f4, #d0bcf1, #fbc8d9, #e66550, #ffbc6b, #fcda83, #44b984, #68dfa9, #6d9eeb, #b694e8, #f7a7c0, #cc3a21, #eaa041, #f2c960, #149e60, #3dc789, #3c78d8, #8e63ce, #e07798, #ac2b16, #cf8933, #d5ae49, #0b804b, #2a9c68, #285bac, #653e9b, #b65775, #822111, #a46a21, #aa8831, #076239, #1a764d, #1c4587, #41236d, #83334c

  38. Hi,
    Your tool looks cool.
    I’ve having small issues with it, can you provide more details for this error:
    After any task that I start, I get this error:
    Message details
    Daily Limit Exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT). You may monitor your quota usage and adjust limits in the API Console: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/admin.googleapis.com/quotas?project=939946549872
    I’m unable to access link provided here in error log. Thanks

  39. Thanks for the great job Goldy!
    Is it possible to share the spreadsheet generate between diferent admins? or should each user has it’s own spreadsheet?


  40. Hello Goldy, thanks for the nice app. Do you have a way that it sorts each email in bulk by the labels onto google sheet in an automated way? That I do not have to repeat this process daily, but it’s sorted daily for me? I use labels to the person sending the email in a very descriptive way that helps other people read those tags and know what action to take. So let’s say, If I get a new email from a company like Trulia.com that allow anyone to post rentals through their platform, and someone who someone who I’ve already spoken to months ago contacts me again, Trulia will have a reply interface that’s standard where the name, and phone number and email(?) are always in the same place within their email structure. I would have already tagged this person so other people using the same email account can see and reply based on my colored and highly descriptive tags. Currently, we have to manually open each email, and use the phone number mainly to bring up any old file we have on that person. Once we do a search, we’ll see our descriptive tags and we then retag all emails including the recent email to make sure they are up to date with the most recent tq=ags. Ok, now my question is, is there a way I can use this application to, or you can have it function so I can sort the email out by the tags as they come in? Or I can manually tag it when they come in but from that stage, you can have a function that allows me to upload that email from Gmail to google sheets so now I can use formulas to send replies to who I want based on those emails that were separated by tags? It would allow me to adjust my messages after I can get them into google sheet in a bulk manner. I hope what I wrote made sense and hope you can contact me at bayostheave@gmail.com. Thank you!!

    1. I got it, it should be doable to parse and put all emails in your Google Sheet along with the given label, you may also have another script running on top of it which asks the name of the label to whom you want to send email, and it does just that using your email template.

  41. Hi
    I’m trying to set up a WordPress website on Google Cloud Platform with a domain purchased from Go Daddy through Gsuite. Initially I could access the website admin but have since been unable to. It keeps coming up with the 404 error. Also I cannot access the domain via Go Daddy, although I can through Gsuite. I have tried to change the nameservers but with no success. I’m working on the site for someone else but I’m struggling to get it off the ground and getting very frustrated and any suggestions would be great.

  42. Hello and thanks for the add-on. It is wonderful
    Comment that I get the following error when I try to export users: TypeError: Cannot read property “givenName” from undefined.

    1. Hi,
      Can u guide me how to receive mail to my cpanel domain mail server when gsuite user not found (catch-all mail).
      I have tried with using “host and routing” setup but i got bellow error:

      Message not delivered
      Your message couldn’t be delivered to “my mail id@mydomain.com” because the remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more information. The response from the remote server was:

      550 Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client, or login to the IMAP/POP3 server before sending your message. mail-pg1-f200.google.com [xxx.85.215.xxx]:45655 is not permitted to relay through this server without authentication.


      1. You should reach out to Google support for it, however looking at your description it seems you need to whitelist Google mail servers at your destination, am not sure what whitelisting method does your destination (cpanel) accepts, but if it is IP based whitelisting, then I have created a utility which might be helpful.
        Google Workspace IP Tracker -> https://youtu.be/nyWJ17wBBI4

  43. Hi,
    Is there a way for me as google admin in my company to access certain employee google drive and see their stored documents and files. I get this request frequently from top executives. appreciate your support.

  44. Hi, GoldY! First excelent work! You said in an answer that need a update to ask for change the password… It is done yet? Sorry my english O:)

        1. How to turn this feature off? So that the default would be that users WILL NOT be asked to change their password at their first login.
          (Great tool by the way)

          1. For example, sometimes we want small kids in schools to have “predefined” passwords so they won’t change them; is it possible to set this to “FALSE” then?

          2. Earlier I had it that way, but then someone commented saying we should enforce password change at first login so i changed it, but I think I should rather make it configurable by allowing putting yes/or in the column.

            I will do that very soon, appreciate the feedback.

  45. it is great , Just a little issue , it doesn’t deal with large data , I was trying to add 10 000 member to a group and after adding 2000 it stopped and showed an error message says “exceeded maximum execution time” , I hope if there is any solution of this problem it will be perfect for me , thank you

    1. Thank you for giving it a try, am glad its useful to you.

      This add on uses Google Apps Script where Google enforces an execution limit of 6 minutes (30 mins if you are on Google Workspace business or enterprise edition).

      I recently attended Google Next in SFO,CA where they shared plans to launch “Job Service” which will help to break the tasks and run them simultaneously, hopefully it’ll help to avoid this limitation.

      For now, a dirty workaround would be to run the add on a few times.

      Hope it helps.


  46. Hi Gordy, is there a way to reach you via email because the one I saw gave me an error in delivery. Pls I need a reply asap.

  47. Thanks so much! Fantastic add-on!!
    One question: when you bulk create some users, could you obligate to change the password in the next session?
    Thanks again!

    1. Your welcome, glad you liked it.

      Thank for proposing idea to enforce password change at next login, I just added that feature, now all new created users via Ok Goldy will need to change their password at first login.

      However, Google may take couple of days to review and publish the latest version.

      1. It looks like the ‘change password at first login’ has been included now, but is there the option to turn this off so that users don’t have to change passwords, as I work in a school and we set the passwords for the students.

  48. Hi Goldy,
    Your videos and tips are awesome! I do have a technical question. I am testing custom url for my employer and have updated the following: http://email.domain.ca. I have also set the CNAME record with the registrar for our domain. The problem we are having is that this custom URL is really an alias and redirects to https://mail.google.com/a/domain/mail…. We need it to stay as email.domain.ca. The reason is that we have many members that cannot access Gmail from their employers as their employer blocks Gmail. Our members’ employers however have whitelisted our domain http://email.domain.ca. How can we get our members to access http://email.domain.ca from their employers while their employer can still block these users from accessing their personal @gmail.com email accounts? Hoping you can help.

  49. Does this add-on still work? I’ve installed the add-on, and I see it via the Add-ons menu, but the option option available within Add-ons > OK Goldy is Help. No option for the setup wizard or anything else?

  50. Question, I have watched a lot of your videos. Here is what I am still not sure of. I have 4 domains i have and pay for Google Workspace. For now let’s just call them 1.com, 2, 3, 4.com

    In all 4 I have an email address, and under each i have several google docs and sheets, many of which i share with other people outside my domain.

    If I want to get them all under 1.com so i am only paying for one, but have sheets/docs in all of them… A how can i combine the sheets/docs into one and also if i am using 1.com as my main, and someone creates a new sheet and shares it with me at 2.com, how would that work?

    Thanks for your help

  51. Brooke Carey Ahrens

    This is the error I’m getting when I try to use the “Export Users” function on sheet 5.

    TypeError: Cannot read property “givenName” from undefined.DetailsDismiss

  52. Hi Goldy Arora Ji
    I would like to talk to you for G-Suite I want to purchased, but before we confirm that how to work G-suite and how create group we are Delhi based web development company i cant used this service for sent email for suite email to customer.

  53. Hi, I am grateful to you for creating this add-on to help streamline the process of creating and updating users; etc. My question to you is with regards to the Create User set-up sheet, when entering the Password for each user, I only know my PW as the Admin but my other assigned users who are active on my G suites email/domain have already updated/changed their login PW. How do I obtain this info from the system without my users feeling as if I’m being intrusive. Additionally, am I able to add new user accounts (alias; etc.) within the Add-on feature? (Please excuse this last question as ignorant. I’m just not certain how this feature would work). Thank you

    1. Thank you Karen, glad I could help.

      I am not sure if I understand first part of your question, so i’ll try based on guess-:

      1. You use “Create Users” sheet only when you need to create new users (users which don’t exist in your Google Workspace yet).
      2. If you want to update already created users, consider using update users, suspend users or delete users sheets as required.

      Alias Management -: Hopefully I will add feature to manage aliases (create, remove, delete) in coming few days.

  54. Brooke Carey Ahrens


    your add-on is AMAZING. I’m updating our gmail mailing lists, suspending users no longer on campus and cleaning up our domains.

    I’m getting an error code today though every time I try to run the Add-On. I’m thinking it’s Google but I wanted to see if you had any more info.

    Thank you again!

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